Thursday, February 12, 2015

diy baby valentines

i'm a big valentines fan, and so my kids will have to be!
i wanted to include oliver in making some valentines for his cousins and friends, and aunt/uncle that are on missions. 
let me warn you that oliver was not the biggest fan of getting his hands and feet painted. it's as if he thought i was cutting them off. haha. i thought i had the perfect set up, put him in the high chair with snacks to eat, and baby einsteins playing on the computer next to him. i wasn't sneaky enough. but it was worth it, i mean look how cute these are!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


my lil sis hit her halfway mark on her mission last month, so i put together a little package for her. she's in the deserty part of california and i thought a cactus theme would be perfect!

diy cactus pillow - everything emily
cactus weekly notepad - wit and whistle
cactus keychain - tapir back
diy cactus piƱata - oh happy day

Sunday, November 2, 2014

nine months

not sure if i will ever grasp that you are mine oliver j. how did i get so lucky? every day somehow keeps getting better and better!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

malibu hike

photo from hikeology

i found this sweet blogger, hikeology, that will blog different hikes in and around LA. i've discovered so many i want to do, and some were even close to us. so we set out saturday afternoon to malibu to do this sweet hike that overlooked the ocean. 

after we headed down to the beach just across the street from the hike. it was the perfect way to spend a saturday afternoon. can't wait to check off more hikes from hikeology

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

monthly books - october

when i had oliver i quickly remembered i had no books to read him. and with all the expenses a new baby brings along i didn't really have the money to go out and spend hundreds of dollars to fill a bookcase. so i found a fun solution! we got a library card at our local library and we go almost weekly to gather up some new book. i keep a note of which ones we love so i can purchase those ones. it's kind of like testing out the book before you make the purchase. some books are so appealing from the outside, but then once i got home and read the book, it talks about things i don't want my baby to hear or understand until he is older. for example... the grouchy ladybug looks so cute from the cover, but the whole book is the ladybug going to different animals and insects asking if they want to fight. ummm what? no thanks.

i have started to found some of the cutest books and wanted to share them with you. so each month i will have a set of books that we love, and i will say why we love them. if you want, see if your local library has them too so you can see why exactly they made the list before you purchase them.

it's fun to have new books each week to read, but some are just so clever and beautiful i want to own them. so here's round one of books i think are cute and creative!

1. animals and their families by barbara nascimbeni
this book is on sale for $1.99, yes you heard me right, at barnes and noble right now! what an amazing deal. hurry and hop on that fast because it is normally $17.95.
why i love this book...
the illustrations are amazing. each page has a silhouette of an animal one side, and a beautiful illustration of the animals with their families stating the name of each, the sound they make, and the food they eat. i almost want to rip a few pages out just to frame them and hang them in oliver's room i am that obsessed. 

2. what do you see? by martine perrin
this is a clever little book and i love the simplicity of it. it has cut out pages with cute colors and patterns. definitely a favorite for the baby and me.

3. orange pear apple bear by emily gravett
this is just a simple and silly book about an orange, pear, apple, and a bear that get all mixed up. once again, the illustrations... so cute. i am a big fan of watercolor, so i was sold on this book just by the cover. you won't be disappointed.

4. andy warhol's colors by susan goldman rubin
i'm a big fan of andy warhol and his artwork, so i thought it was fun they made a book of his work for kids. it's cute and it rhymes and i love it!

5. in my den by  sara gillingham

oliver loves this book because you can make the bear move like a puppet almost. so he is so intrigued. the author makes a more like this one, and i think it would be fun to own the whole collection. check out in my ocean, in my tree, in my nest, and in my pond. she has many more but those are a few of my faves of hers.

6. little cloud by eric carle

this is actually a book i bought before oliver was born for his shelves. i didn't know anything about it, but i thought it looked cute and it sort of fit the theme of his room. but i'm glad i made the purchase. it's about a little cloud that turns into different shapes and animals. it's adorable!

so there we have it!
stay tuned for next month. happy reading!

Friday, October 17, 2014

pumpkin patch

i went with a few friends to show oliver what pumpkins are all about. boy was this kid hooked. he got so sad each time i had to take him away from the pumpkins. we went to the cutest place called underwood farms that is right up the road from us, and it was amazing. so many fun things for kids to do, it was huge! 

oliver's next favorite thing was riding around in the wagon. he just held on and enjoyed the ride.. cutest thing!

i think we are going to go back with dad soon so i actually have hands to carry a pumpkin to the car!

Monday, July 28, 2014

six months

dear oliver,
i can't believe that yesterday was your half birthday. how is time flying. i know you are still so little, but to me you seem so big. each day just keeps getting better and more fun with you in it. i still butterflies every time you smile at me. it's so fun being your mom, and i have loved watching you learn and grow even more these last 3 months. you started rolling over, laughing lots (even in your sleep, and i about die of cuteness each time), eating solids (which you looove), you always are tappig your hand or kickicking your feet, and are so happy. each time you look at me makes me want to burst out in happy tears. you can't even talk, but i can tell how much you love me from those little eyes and smiles each time you see me. i longed for this moment to become a mother since I was little, and i'm still shocked the time is here. you make my life feel complete, and there is no place i'd rather be and nothing i would rather be doing than being your mama. thanks for being the best little dude there ever was! i'm not sure what we did to deserve you!