Thursday, February 27, 2014

one month

how are you one month old already? on one hand it seems like yesterday i was just finding out you were in my belly, and the other feels like i have had you forever. these have been the longest but best 4 weeks of my life. never did i know how much love i could truly have for someone until you were born. is it a little crazy of me if i am a little obsessed with you? i miss you when friends or family have come to see you and held you for hours. or when you take a long nap, i cant wait for you to open those big eyes and stare right back at me. within the last week you've started showing off your cute smile and i just can't get enough. yesterday you were loving me kissing those little chubby cheeks, you gave me lots of smiles. you have the most adorable saddest cry i've ever heard. it doesn't come out too often, only when you get really hungry or the moment after your bath right before we get you snuggled in the towel. but i love being the one who gets to wipe away your tears and make you happy again. you changed our lives forever, and it's all for the better. nothing beats getting to hold you in my arms everyday. you have the most amazing dad ever. he always makes sure you are as cozy as possible by turing on relaxing music. it works like magic. you are so alert and aware of whats going on around you, and the way you look into my eyes does something to my heart every single time. it's been that way from the first time i came to see you in the NICU and you stopped crying when you saw me and heard my voice. you knew who i was. i am your mom. YOU made me a mom, and i will love you forever for that. 


  1. OH MY GOSH! This melted my heart and makes me super baby hungry! Love this!

  2. Oh ceebee he is so precious and so perfect!! ahh i want to come give him lots of snuggles and kisses. Isn't it amazing how much love you have for that sweet little boy. I love when they start giving you big smiles and cooing with their sweet little voices. love him so much!!

  3. I totally get how you miss him when other people hold him.. He is so sweet! Happy one month to both of you! :)