Wednesday, March 5, 2014

oliver's baby blessing

over the weekend we blessed oliver at church. what an amazing experience. j gave such a perfect blessing that of course had me in tears. it was such a special day. so grateful most of my family was able to come in town for the blessing, and for our friends that were able to be a part of this day! we are so lucky!

ollie's sweater outfit - target
shoes made by me - pattern here

 my dress is from jcrew
(50% off right now!)


  1. first - blessing days make my heart sing. words don't really stand a chance at the feelings that are there, do they! You guys are beautiful. second - YOU MADE HIS SHOES! i always wanted to be a crafty mama. i think you're so great! happy to see you so happy! third- OLIVER IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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