Friday, May 25, 2012

insta wedding

we came up with a genius idea for our wedding, and so happy we did.
 we created a hashtag to others to use on the pictures they took to help document our day... #ceebeeandjwedding
here's a few detail pics of our reception off the gram.

thanks to those who used the hashtag so we could have all these fun memories! 
we get to see our real wedding photos taken by the fabulous LEO PATRONE next week.
so giddy.


  1. your wedding looks like a dream! i wish i could have gone. and i'm loving your blog already :) -Talia

  2. loved your idea with the cameras!!! hope you got some fun pics to :) you guys are the cutest!! hope you are having fun as newlyweds!!!

  3. okaaaaay cutest wedding theme ever. also, you two are picture perfect. i about die every time i see pictures of the two of you. and i may or may have not died times a million when looking at some wedding pictures. you were such a gorgeous bride!

  4. oh, what a great idea!!! absolutely love this!!
    xo TJ

  5. Would you happen to have the Instagram thing saved and be willing to share?!